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Community Rules

Post by Coyote on Sun Jan 10, 2010 8:17 pm

There are a few key principals that Soaring Eagle is run on. Any infringments of these policies on Soaring Eagle will result in a warning, or in a worst case scenario, a ban from the forum. Soaring Eagle has a three strike policy to minor offences, although serious offenses will result in an instant ban. The moderators of Soaring Eagle reserve the right to ban you.

The following are punishable offenses on Soaring Eagle:

Minor Offences - Subject to the three strike policy. Third offence will result in a seven day ban
- Swearing or Bypassing the filter.
- Triple posting three consecutive posts in a topic within 24 hours
- Duplicating forum content
- Back-seat moderation
- Questioning the authority of a moderator
- Harrasment
- Advertising anywhere other than in your signature

Moderate Offences - Not Subject to the three strike policy. Instant seven day ban.
- Using multiple accounts

Major Offences - Not subject to the three strike policy. Instant ban at the moderator's discretion
- Posting pornography
- Posting racist comments
- Posting solely to annoy or upset a member


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